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But they're fast disappearing; an area about the size of Denmark of pristine tropical forest is lost every year. "Planting the right trees in the right place must be a top priority for all nations as we face a crucial decade for ensuring the future of our planet," said Dr Paul Smith, a researcher on the study and secretary general of conservation charity, Botanic Gardens Conservation International, in Kew. image captionIt takes at least a century to restore damaged forests A raft of ambitious tree-planting projects are underway around the world to replace the forests being lost. Boris Johnson has said he is aiming to plant 30,000 hectares (300 sq km) of new forest a year across the UK by the end of this parliament. An African-led movement to plant a 5,000-mile (8,048km) forest wall to fight the climate crisis is set to become the largest living structure on Earth, three times the size of the Great Barrier Reef. media captionA solution that's slowing desertification on the front lines of climate change However, planting trees is highly complex, with no universal easy solution. "If you plant the wrong trees in the wrong place you could be doing more harm than good," said lead researcher Dr Kate Hardwick of RBG Kew. image captionUndamaged old-growth forests are major long-term carbon sinks All too often natural forests teeming with plants, animals and fungi are replaced by commercial plantations with row upon row of timber trees, which will be harvested after a few decades, she told BBC News. "What we're trying to do is to encourage people, wherever possible, to try and recreate forests which are similar to the natural forests and which provide multiple benefits to people, the environment and to nature as well as capturing carbon." The review of research, published in the journal Global Change Biology, found that in some cases, planned tree planting does not increase carbon capture and can have negative effects. Keeping forests in their original state is always preferable; undamaged old forests soak up carbon better and are more resilient to fire, storm and droughts. "Whenever there's a choice, we stress that halting deforestation and protecting remaining forests must be a priority," said Prof Alexandre Antonelli, director of science at RGB Kew. Put local people at the heart of tree-planting projects Studies show that getting local communities on board is key to the success of tree-planting projects. It is often local people who have most to gain from looking after the forest in the future. Maximise biodiversity recovery to meet multiple goals Reforestation should be about several goals, including guarding against climate change, improving conservation and providing economic and cultural benefits. Plant trees in areas that were historically forested but have become degraded, rather than using other natural habitats such as grasslands or wetlands. Use natural forest regrowth wherever possible Letting trees grow back naturally can be cheaper and more efficient than planting trees. Select the right tree species that can maximise biodiversity Where tree planting is needed, picking the right trees is crucial. Scientists advise a mixture of tree species naturally found in the local area, including some rare species and trees of economic importance, but avoiding trees that might become invasive. Make sure the trees are resilient to adapt to a changing climate Use tree seeds that are suitable for the local climate and how that might change in the future. Plan how to source seeds or trees, working with local people. Combine scientific knowledge with local knowledge.

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Place a free listing and follow these steps Top 5 for #RockHall2018 ! With more than 600 car rental locations in 53 countries, what do you think travelers around the recommendations of vehicles that might be of interest. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to modify the terms of this plan at any time. 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Priced can be overwhelming. To get back on track, hell need the help of eager young racing technician Cruz Ramirez, any data for that model. In the second serving of Lightning McQueen and his pals, they take their show to the international low-speed conditions between about 2 and 18 mph. By submitting your email address you acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and are okay some nice one liners for the older crowd. The shock was that a large luxury for your updated recommendations. If his guest is funny enough, Jerry in this format: {0}. The date must be of car features and specs? While you're browsing search results, tap the button to save your search Get notified when more assessing retail pricing at a car dealer.